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Vaidya Uddhavdas Mehta

Vaidya Uddhavdas Mehta was born on 9th August, 1911 in Bhopal in a reputed family. After completing the Degree in Sanskrit and Ayurveda from Kashi, he started his clinical practice. Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya ji was his idol. He devoted his life for Hindi. Hindu and Hindustan. Although, he was engaged as an Ayurvedic practitioner and treating the poor community free of cost but given more priority to social services. His struggle against the terror and exploitation against the Nawabi regime of Bhopal State gave consolation to Hindu poupulation. As a mark of respect he became popular by the name of Bhai ji.

He started his public life in 1926. Bhai ji gave memorandum to Nawab of Bhopal in 1930 on the behalf of Hindu conference. In 1934, he started one weekly Hindi magazine Praja Pukar. In 1937 Bhaiji was arrested for leading first freedom movement and imprisoned for 6 months. After release from Jail, he started helping for Hyderabad Satyagraha. He became Sanghchalak in Bhopal in 1940. Again, he was arrested in 1944 for addressing a rally. People became violent when he was arrested in 1949 while leading Vileenikaran movement.

Basically, he was a physician and a social worker but due to existing situation of Bhopal state he was compelled to lead the work of Hindu Mahasabha. Later he joined Jansangh by the request of Late Kusabhau Thakre & Late Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay. Although, he joined politics but he could not leave his active social services. He established Vishramghat trust. Balniketan Anathalaya, Mandir kamaati trust. Durgamandir of Peerghat and others. He attempted Hindu society, which was divided in several parts. He had established an excellent coordination between profession, social service and politics. He lead different issues such as drought in Bengal, China war in 1962, price hike in 1973. emergency in 1975 and other social issues. These were the qualities and reason of Bhai ji ruled over the heart of people. Even today, he is remembered with full respect and devotion for his excellent personality and contribution.

In auspicious memory of such an idol person, VISHWA AYURVEDA PARISHAD & BHAI UDDHAVDAS MEHTA SMRITI NYAS is jointly going to organize an essay competition 2016 among Postgraduate students of Ayurvedic colleges of India like previous years. Conventional system of medicine is the medicine of today’s world, which is developing very fast. While Ayurveda is already, a fully developed science of its own kind from time immemorial and has stood test of time. This is happen due to vast conceptual background and framework of Ayurveda. Ayurveda adopts its own function-oriented approach through well developed alternative theories of Panchamahabhut, Tridosha, Dhatu, Agni, Ama, Ojas, Srotas, Sara, Prakriti etc. which cannot be fully explained in terms of conventional anatomy and physiology. However, these theories can be justified by utilizing the different modalities of Basic sciences such as biphysics, biochemistry, biostatistics, information technologies, medical chemistry, zoology etc.

In recent year. Ayurveda has become popular across the globe. Lot of scientific work is being carried out on Ayurvedic concepts, drugs and therapies to evolve newer remedial measures to serve mankind in a better way but it could not impart any major breakthrough in the developoment of Ayurveda. However, if the Ayurvedic concepts are not properly understood and interpreted in terms of globally accepted language, the tremendous efforts in research would go meaningless and futile. The traditional believer believes that Ayurveda is eternally perfect science beyond time & space and thre is no need to utilize basic sciences for its research and development. Another group believes that such types of misconception create big harm to this great science. Present status of utilization of basic sciences in the field of Ayurveda is not being satisfactory.

Hence, it is strongly needed to utilize tools and techniques of basic sciences in the new millennium for re-establishing the concepts of Ayurveda in current perspectives in front of global community and to develop newer methodologies of teaching, research and drug development to strengthen the science of Ayurveda for newer generation. This essay competition invites the young Ayurvedic PG Scholars to come out with their views about the judicious use of basic sciences for the development of concepts, drugs and newer researches in the field of Ayurveda. Entries are invited to submit an essay on topic "Need of Modern Scientific Parameters in Ayurvedic Research; Present Status and Future Strategies". Vishwa Ayurved Parishad is firmly determined to welcome and appreciate the views in form of essay in "Bhai Uddhavdas Mehta Memorial All India Ayurveda PG Students Essay Competition-2016".